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What to Expect at a Postpartum Checkup – And Why the Visit Matters

By. Dr. Diana Ramos

In the weeks after birth, many moms struggle with anxiety, pain, fatigue, and other concerns.

Checkups can give you and your ob-gyn a full picture of your physical, mental, and emotional health. Your ob-gyn should do a physical exam, including a pelvic exam, to make sure you’re healing well from the birth. They should also ask questions to find out if you’re having any of the problems new moms often struggle with.

Staying healthy involves ongoing ob-gyn visits, even after the postpartum period. Before your last postpartum visit, your ob-gyn should help make sure you’re set up to continue your care with routine visits.

Don’t skip your postpartum checkup. You may feel you have reasons for skipping. Maybe you feel fine and don’t need another thing on your list. But it’s still important to seek care.

Read the full ACOG Article here

At Celebration Obstetrics & Gynecology, we have taken post-partum treatments one step further with our innovative, state-of-the-art technology. We can get you back to your beautiful self in no time.

“I am so excited to be a part of this team and able to administer these life-changing thera-pies for women’s wellness. I am extremely passionate about providing care to the whole woman, whether it is in their routine everyday care, vaginal rejuvenation therapies, or aesthetic treatments. I believe every woman is beautiful in their way, and I am happy to be a part of their journey,” says Aledyandra Crespo-Nieves, MD.

Our Vaginal Rejuvenation therapies are life changing. V-Tone helps strengthen weak pelvic floor muscle fibers that are weakened or  overstretched during pregnancy and childbirth. It also treats urinary incontinence and can help prevent the need for bladder mesh surgery. Forma V is designed to improve internal tightness, circulation, and sensation.

Our Muscle Toning can help strengthen your abdominal muscles that were weakened by pregnancy and childbirth. Diastasis recti is very common during and following pregnancy. One 30-minute tone session is the equivalent of doing 288,000 crunches and has approximately 1.5-centimeter closure after eight treatments.

Scarring, stretchmarks, and other skin conditions can arise during preg-nancy and childbirth as well. We have Lumecca (IPL Laser Treatment) that will take away dis-colorations of the skin. Morpheus 8 will resur-face the skin, minimizing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

For more information about our aesthetic services, please call our Spa Coordinator at 407-566-2255

Provider Spotlight

Dawn Ammirata, APRN

“I am open and honest. I care about my patients. I listen and create a treatment plan as a team with my patients,” Dawn Ammirata, APRN

Dawn , is a board-certified women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with 20 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her inspiration to pursue a healthcare career stemmed from her grandmother’s example as a nurse. Dawn is kind-hearted and compassionate and always uses a team approach with her patients.

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We understand the importance of scheduling annual exams to stay on top of your health. We work with various insurance providers to ensure our patients get the care they need without surprises

Schedule your annual exam today, and let us help you feel confident with your health. Contact us at 1-877-800-0239

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Provider Spotlight – Dawn Ammirata, APRN

Provider Spotlight – Dawn Ammirata, APRN

Dawn Ammirata, APRN, is a board-certified women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with 20…

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Wellness News What to Expect at a Postpartum Checkup – And Why…

What to Expect at a Postpartum Checkup

What to Expect at a Postpartum Checkup

By Dr. Diana Ramos MD, MPH, MBA, FACOGSurgeon General, State of California Postpartum…

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