The ultimate vascular resolution for a quick and comfortable treatment.

What is Vasculaze?

The appearance of veins can be unsightly, causing both women and men to seek treatment options. Lesions can be very visible (long and bulging) or spider veins, which are smaller, finer and shorter (lines or web-like).

Vasculaze can help alleviate a wide variety of facial and leg vein issues with a laser that is targeted to treat the blood vessel causing the blemish. Vasculaze has an specially designed head that is built to pinpoint the vein or vein network, making treatments precise and safe.

The technology in the Vasculaze sends pulses of light onto the vein, which makes the vein slowly fade and disappear, preventing the need for unpleasant incisions and needles.

Vein Conditions


Face Veins

Leg Veins

Port Wine Stains

Spider Veins



Frequently Asked Questions

How common are vascular lesions?

Vascular lesions are present in 10-15% of adults, with a greater number in females than males. They can be prevalent in a contained body area, spread out over multiple body areas, or show up as a singular line or cluster. The use of Vasculaze can help treat existing lesions and prevent them from getting worse.

What types of veins can be treated?

Your aesthetic provider will need to do an assessment of your vascular lesions. In general, the recommended types of vascular veins to treat are facial and spider veins, port wine stains, leg veins, telangiectasias and angiomas. Varicose veins are typically larger and are not suitable for Vasculaze.

What are the areas of treatment for Vasculaze?

More common areas of Vasculaze treatment include face, décolleté, arms, upper thighs, back of thighs, and the lower legs.

How many sessions are required?

Typically, three sessions are performed. However, some lesions may require more. Gradual improvements in the treatment area can be seen following the first treatment – with the skin’s surface looking clearer as treatments progress.

What is the recovery?

Fortunately, Vasculaze treatments don’t mean a hospital stay or a long, uncomfortable recovery. Vasculaze is a quick procedure, taking only a few seconds per vein treated. Patients can come into the office and leave within minutes, depending on how extensive the vein or vein network is. Please speak to your aesthetic provider about activities that will encourage increased blood flow, like heavy exercise, as they may request you wait a few days to a week, depending on the area you had treated.

Areas treated should stay out of sunlight and be protected with sunblock with SPF.

Vasculaze Pricing

Price is per treatment


Spot or Specific Area $100


Business Card $175


Half Sheet of Paper $350


Full Sheet of Paper $550.00

Getting Started is Easy

“Going into the treatment, I was pretty anxious. The unknown of how much pain to expect was making me uneasy. I began on a setting slightly lower than recommended for my skin tone, which was VERY tolerable. They can do several “blasts” in a row or with a 1-2 second pause between, which I preferred. I could do a couple ‘blasts’ in a row, but that is when it was most uncomfortable; with a little pause, it was no big deal."

SJ, 2023

“I’ve had this ugly spider vein on my leg for years. After my first Vasculaze treatment, which was relatively pain-free, I saw tremendous results. The vein is less noticeable. I cannot wait for my second treatment.”

N. Meyer, 2023

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