March 2022

Well Woman Exams: What Happens and Why? One Doctor Explains.

Mar 1, 2022 | Celebration of Wellness Newsletter, March 2022, Uncategorized

These days, seeing your ob-gyn involves much more than a Pap test, pelvic exam, or breast exam. In fact, those exams may not even be needed at each checkup. The visit is really about taking a look at your overall physical health and mental well-being. When you see your ob-gyn, it’s a chance to discuss everyday health concerns, from anxiety and stress to weight loss and family planning. Of course, we ob-gyns have the most training on pelvic organs and the reproductive system. But everything in your body works together. We want to know what’s going on in your life and how your whole body is feeling. Only then can we give you the best health care possible.

We may review your personal and family history for conditions or symptoms that could affect your health. I ask about your past health care and any diseases and conditions that run in your family. These questions help us decide what type of health care may be needed for you at the visit.

We also may talk about how your lifestyle and environment may affect your physical health and safety. We might discuss:

• eating and exercise habits
• alcohol and drug use (including smoking or vaping)
• whether you have safe and secure housing
• if you feel safe at home, or if there is any violence in your home

We may review your mental health and well-being. My hope is to understand any sources of stress in your life, and your ability to manage and cope with stress. We might talk about

• what you do for work and if your job is causing you stress
• how you balance responsibilities at home and at work
• whether you have children, and if so, if you have help caring for them

I ask every patient questions to check for depression and anxiety. Depending on your answers, I may recommend a mental health care professional who can offer you additional help. We’ll talk about treatment options depending on what we find. Many common problems have quick, effective treatments. Other problems may need more tests or follow-up.

At Celebration Obstetrics and Gynecology our goal is to listen to your concerns, provide sound information, and assist you in making the best medical decisions for you! To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 407-566-2229! (To read the FULL article, head over to our website at www.celebrationobgyn.com/news)


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