2021 Objective: Listen Intently to Provide the Best Clinical Care and Customer Service

By: David A. Marcantel, MD, FACOG

We had high hopes for 2020 and were making plans personally and professionally. There was no way to predict what unfolded in March, and I believe many of us are still in shock over how much life changed and how much the world suffered.


The old saying “hindsight is 2020” has never been more true. As we look back at 2020, it is important that we learn and grow from it. One of the biggest lessons from 2020 is that what is most important is right at home. Our spouses, children, parents, and close friends are truly what matter most. During the lockdown, we were reminded of what it looks like to gather for meals together, watch a TV show together, or go on a family walk. We were reminded that home is where we find solace and love. In a world that is changing so fast and with technology stealing our attention at every turn, I hope that 2020 has taught us that togetherness, good health, love, and faith are what matter most.


All virus’ typically impact those who are not in good shape. As you enter the new year, make a promise to yourself and your family that you will live a healthier life.  For 24 hours, record the amount of time you spend scrolling on your phone, looking at social media, or playing a game. Once you have recorded that time, decide to cut it in half and spend the other half walking, biking, swimming, or just reading a book to your child. Kids do NOT need any electronic time. They need to hear their family members talking and sharing stories. They need to be part of a loving unit that looks each other in the eye and listens intently.


Our hope at Celebration Obstetrics & Gynecology and Celebration Pediatrics is that we also “listen intently.” That is what we are here for. We want you and your family to be healthy and happy, and we want to provide you the best clinical care and customer service. 


Happy New Year. May God bless and protect you and your family.


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