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We believe that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. We offer a variety of treatments tailored to your individual needs, such as Botox Injections, Lumecca IPL and Forma Skin Tightening, Morpheus 8 Microneedling, and Vaginal Rejuvenation.

Our goal is to create a comfortable and positive environment where your concerns are met with empathy and care. Join us on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself!

Contact us for information about Monthly Plans as well as discounts when combining services.

Valentina Acosta,Moreno MS, PA-C

DioLaze XL

Laser Hair Removal

Price is per treatment

Extra Small $60 (Areola, Lips, Chins, Ears, Sideburns)

 Small $90 (Back of Neck, Happy Trails, Lower Half of Face, Toes, Underarms)

Medium $175 (Bikini, Full Face, Hands, Feet & Toes)

Large $225 (Brazilian, Shoulders, Upper Back, Buttocks, Single Half Leg, Arms)

 Extra Large $275 (Half Leg on both sides, Full Back, Abdomen & Chest, Single Full Leg)

Collagen Remodeling & Skin Tightening

Buy 5 treatments, get the 6th one free


Per Zone $250 


Improves the Complexion & Clarity of the Skin

Price is per treatment

Extra Small $175 (Business Card Size)

Small $325 (Neck or Hands)

Medium $450 (Chest or Full Face)

Large $575 (Full Face & Neck) 

Extra Large $875 (Legs, Full Face with Neck and Décolleté)

g on both sides, Full Back, Abdomen & Chest, Single Full Leg)

Stimulates Collagen & Resurfaces Skin

Price is per treatment

Extra Small $425 (Specific Scar)

Small  $600 (Elbows, Knees)

Medium $900 (Hips, Love Handles, Half Arms, Half Stomach)

Large $1,250 (Buttocks, Full Arms, Full Stomach, Full Back)

Extra Large $1,500 (Full Legs)

Morpheus8 – Face

Stimulates Collagen & Resurfaces Skin

Price is per treatment

Extra Small $425 (Eyes, Around the Mouth, Specific Scar)

Small $600 (Eyes & Around the Mouth, Cheeks, Forehead, Jawline)

Medium $900 (Neck, Décolleté)

Large $1,250 (Full Face, Neck)

Extra Large $1,500 (Full Face & Neck/Décolleté)

Price is per treatment


Extra-Small  $100 (Spot or Specific Area)

Small $175 (Business Card Size)

Medium $350 (Half Sheet of Paper)

Large $550 Full Sheet of Paper


Increase Muscle Strength & Enhance Your Shape

$150 per treatment

**Buy 5 treatments, get the 6th treatment free.

Improve Tightness, Circulation, & Sensation


Initial Treatment $400

Additional Treatment $300

Replacement Wand $100

V Tone

Tone & Train Pelvic Floor Muscles

Initial Treatment $300

Additional Treatment $200

Replacement Wand $100


What Our Patients Say

Dr. Kim was amazing. Took his time to educate me, made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. The entire staff is amazing! The scheduling coordinator went above and beyond to get my appointments lined up and scheduled as soon as possible. My nurse was amazing as well. Highly recommend this office!

Meghan Groepler patient

What an exceptional experience! I have never been to a nicer medical office. Ever! I was let called in after a second of completing my check in and everyone was so very nice. I wish i knew the name of the assistant that answered all our questions, she was very nice and informative. Don’t hesitate ladies!

Alaa Fahem patient

The staff and everyone I met on the care team were extremely warm, kind, and knowledgeable. Although visit times are short, they made sure to explain everything thoroughly and made sure I understood. Even though they spoke quickly (lots of info to share in a short 15 minute slot) I never felt rushed or dismissed. I highly recommend this location and especially Dawn.

Christina H patient

After one FormaV and VTone treatment, I felt a slight improvement. I am excited to see what the results after my final treatment.

K.G., 2023 Forma V & V Tone Client
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